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About Me

Crafts Outrageous

I have always had a passion for crafting.  I believe it is in my DNA.

I learned to knit when I was about 7 years old.  Taught by my maternal grandmother, and knitting clothes for my dolls was a big thing.  I also attended secondary school in the days when Home Economics was a subject.  It was a term by term rotation between cookery and sewing.  I loved the sewing, the cooking not so much.

With my mother being a professional gown hand and working on many films and famous stage shows, I sort of got used to costumes of all era’s hanging in our small box room, and the neon light on for hours late into the night while mum was working to meet deadlines.

However, wanted to make outfits on a Monday to be worn to the local disco on a Friday night and didn’t have time to hang around learning how to do things the proper way.  I just wanted to sandwich two pieces of fabric together and press my foot on the sewing machine pedal, much like you would drive a Formula 1 car around Brands Hatch.  Mum often losing patience with me and ended up completing the garment herself, in her proper professional way.

I entered the teenage and early twenties years and crafting took a back seat while I went off to explore the world and also grow up.  I fell in love and out of love moved home 12 times in as many years and changed jobs just on a whim.

Then I met the man who made me think about settling down and starting a family.  We became a married couple and once again I started to craft.  I worked as an out worker for DMC, they would send me a chart, colour thread, and some Aida and I would stitch what would become the product they would use for the photograph for the kit.  I also had to make sure I measured exactly how much thread I used too, as you didn’t want to run out of a colour.  I would spend hours cross-stitching while my husband was working the night shift.  Nowadays this work is sent I believe to the Far East and work dried up.

A New era

The new exciting thing was the invention of Hobbycraft and this just fired the imagination in me.  Over the years I purchased kits and bits and pieces, trying nearly everything there was to try.  Some were successful others not.

One summer I went to a Craft Show in Brighton and discovered Pazzles cutting machines.  This was to fire up my imagination. Once again a large sum of money left my bank account and a new venture began.  However, I got a Lemon.  My machine never worked correctly and even the company themselves could not fix the issue. They replaced my machine with a brand new one.  I had moved onto my next thing by that time and sold my Pazzles. I threw myself into machine embroidery, and I still have an embroidery machine/sewing machine.

My trouble is I cannot resist a bargain. Seeing somebody on Facebook selling a Silhouette Cameo 3 I decided to revisit the world of cutting machines and this is where we are now.

Along with recycled/reclaimed wood from local builders and skips, some paint that is headed for the landfill and some vinyl this is where the crafting bus has stopped for now. But keep checking back, you never know I might move onto something else

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